Declassification Error Reveals Gina Haspel Ran CIA Gitmo Torture Site After 9/11

The document in question is a massive, partially redacted transcript of a secret hearing held at Guantanamo on November 16, 2018, via the Office of Military Commissions, a site concerning war courts. On page 22,088, lawyer Rita Radostitz invokes Haspel’s name, arguing that she is needed to testify in a case regarding Radostitz’s client, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, because the classification rules have changed so much under Haspel’s purview that her testimony as chief of base at the CIA’s Guantanamo black site, where Mohammed was tortured in the early 2000s, is necessary.

In the court transcript, Radostitz notes that prosecutors claim they are “not trying to cover up the torture… But the one thing that they’re not willing to talk about is the names of the people involved in the torture.” A large redacted section follows, and then Radostitz says, “it makes it impossible for people at Guantanamo, who may have seen her when she was here as chief of base, to identify her and talk about it.”

The title “chief of base” is one used by the CIA to refer to officers in charge of secret foreign outposts, including the spy agency’s network of secret overseas prisons, called “black sites.” The US Senate Intelligence Committee’s 2014 torture report notes two such sites in Guantanamo, code named “Maroon” and “Indigo.” These were separate from the Pentagon’s “Camp Delta,” the better known prison inside the naval base.

Haspel’s record of supervising and…

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