Pentagon: US Military Logistics Systems Not Fit for Conflict With China, Russia


The United States Department of Defense’s supply chains have deteriorated, and they now require significant modernization – and taxpayer funding – if Washington wishes to make war with Russia or China, according to an internal Pentagon report.

Blockchain-like technologies will help, according to the 29-page report.

“Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has not fought an adversary capable of the catastrophic disruption of military supply chains and deployment of personnel and material,” an unclassified Defense Science Board (DSB) report says.

Therefore, the Pentagon’s logistics enterprise has suffered “neglect” and “chronic underfunding,” the report notes.

Going down the path of neglect has proven to be a mistake. Without supplying military personnel with resources, “the development of advanced tactics and technologies will not have the opportunity to matter,” DSB Chairman Craig Fields said in the report.

“The Task Force found significant shortfalls that, if left unaddressed, will put at risk US ability to project power and sustain the fight against a strategic competitor,” retired US Generals Paul Kern and Duncan McNabb wrote in the foreword.

“Military and commercial networks are susceptible to espionage, manipulation and attack… Technological solutions to these problems already exist, or will exist in the near future. The DoD must adopt them quickly,” the generals noted.


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