How Integrity Initiative’s German Cluster Aims to End Berlin’s Ties with Moscow

The Initiative’s overseas clusters are networks of politicians, businesspeople, military officials, academics and journalists who “understand the threat posed to Western nations” by Russian “disinformation”, and work in support of the “Anglo-Saxon worldview”, and a “tougher stance” towards the Russian state.

Its German operation is no different — in fact, its target membership is among the most influential and sizeable of any cluster I’ve yet come across, perhaps a reflection of the vital significance of Germany to the Initiative’s objectives, and the vast scale of the organization’s plans for the country.

‘Full Engagement’

Its chief, political scientist Hannes Adomeit — who on January 4 menaced me with promises of “criminal charges” — produced an ‘interim report’ on the cluster on October 3 2018.

In his opening remarks, Adomeit commits to “full engagement” with the Initiative, having been hitherto obliged to withhold his full, undivided attention from the organization in order to meet “prior commitments” connected to his role as Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (IPSK).

This primarily concerned a paper — Nach dem Helsinki Gipfel: Trübe Aussichten für eine Verbesserung der russischamerikanischen Beziehungen (After the Helsinki Summit: Dim Prospects for an Improvement of Russian-American Relations) — published under the auspices of the ISPK. Adomeit goes on to note…

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