Bolton Slams Erdogan’s Article in NY Times on US Withdrawal From Syria – Reports


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier had an article on the US withdrawal from Syria published in the New York Times. The Turkish president, while describing the Trump’s move as “the right call”, noted that the withdrawal must be planned “carefully”.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton has reportedly told Turkish officials that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s article, which was published on 7 January 2019, was wrong and offensive.

Bolton, who is currently on a tour of the Middle East attempting to convince US regional partners that they won’t leave them to fend for themselves in the fight against Daesh*, noted that Washington would oppose any mistreatment by Turkish forces of the its Kurdish allies in Syria, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed senior US official.

John Bolton didn’t believe that he had been disregarded due to the Turkish president’s refusal to meet with him, as plans for bilateral talks had not been confirmed in advance, the unnamed US senior official said.

Previously, Erdogan, while commenting on Bolton’s statement regarding a possible Turkish operation against Kurdish forces, criticized him by saying that Turkey could never compromise on the issue of the Kurdish YPG militia, as, according to the president, they had never actually fought against Daesh.

“Bolton is making a big mistake, his statement is unacceptable. Terrorist organisations do not represent Kurds. Those who…

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