Gabon Rebel Chief Arrested, Two Killed After Failed Coup – President’s Office


Earlier in the day, a group of military servicemen reportedly seized the state broadcasting station of Gabon to announce the creation of a so-called National Restoration Council.

According to the president’s office, two military officers involved in the failed coup have been killed.

“[Security forces] took the building by storm. Two participants of the rebellion were killed, and hostages were freed,” the statement reads.

The Gabonese military officer who led the thwarted coup attempt early on Monday morning, Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang has been arrested, government spokesman Guy-Bertrand Mapangou told reporters. According to RFI radio station, it was Obiang who fled, dressed in civilian clothes, which he took away from the editorial staff.

A few hours later, the rebel leader was found in a house near the broadcasting station’s office.

A government spokesman earlier stated that four military servicemen who were involved in the attempted coup had been arrested by the country’s security services, while one individual managed to escape.

Authorities have taken back control over the state broadcasting offices and a major highway in the capital, Libreville, which were the only areas taken over by the officers, according to the spokesman.

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