Retired US General Warns of China ‘Weaponizing Cities’ via Own 5G Network


A former Trump administration official has painted a terrifying picture of China using mobile networks to call down an apocalypse in the event that Beijing develops its own global 5G network.

China must never be allowed to develop a global 5G network, stated US General Robert Spalding (retired), a former Trump administration official, who served in National Security Council until last year.

According to the former Air Force Brigadier General, China will introduce mass surveillance and widespread control if it is allowed to dominate 5G networks linking billions of Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices.

Once China controls the manufacture and retail markets for IoT devices, Spalding claimed, Beijing will be able “to weaponize cities,” cited by

“Think of self-driving cars that suddenly mow down unsuspecting pedestrians. Think of drones that fly into the intakes of airliners,” the career soldier declared.

“The more connected we are, and 5G will make us the most connected by far, the more vulnerable we become,” Spalding added.

It was undisclosed by Spalding in his memeo exactly how would China could accomplish its world domination of the IoT, as 5G standards are shared globally for device compatibility, similar to the means in which a person can easily find information on earlier generations of wireless networks online.

Spalding’s opinion that China’s aspirations must be countered by a proprietary secure US-only 5G…

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