UK Creating Network to Counter ‘Russian Disinformation’ in EU, US – Anonymous

According to one of the documents, the Integrity Initiative, whose stated goal is  to “track, expose and counter the increasing current of Russian malign influence and disinformation throughout the West”, plans to open new clusters to disseminate information on the “growing problem from Russia” in Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The clusters will be tasked with helping the general public to “understand better” the alleged threat coming from Russia via providing information, including through social media. Such clusters already operate in France, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Malta, and Jordan, and unite governmental officials, scientists, and representatives of the media.

The Integrity Initiative also cooperates with a range of international organisations, including the European Union and NATO, on this matter.

It also plans to expand its activities in the United States in order to “contribute to changing the attitude towards Russian malign influence and disinformation by enriching the public discourse with facts about Russian malign behaviour”.

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