Trump: Dems Can Solve Shutdown Very Quickly by Approving REAL Border Security


Saturday marked the 15th day of a partial shutdown of the US federal government. Democrats in Congress told Trump during two White House meetings this week that Congress would not approve any money for a border wall.

The dispute over the funding of the wall on the US-Mexico border led to the government shutdown that has been going on for 15 days without any indication of when it may end. Trump has requested from Congress more than $5 billion to construct the borer wall, but Democratic lawmakers have opposed the US president’s proposal.

On 5 January, Donald Trump tweeted: “The Democrats could solve the Shutdown problem in a very short period of time. All they have to do is approve REAL Border Security (including a Wall).”

​Earlier, President Donald Trump’s suggested that he could bypass Congress to build a wall on the US border with Mexico. The president indicated that he plans to use the US military to put up the barrier.

“The President stealing resources from the Defense Department for the construction of a wasteful border wall, at taxpayer expense, to defend against the President’s imaginary invasion would make our country less safe and the men and women of our military less safe,” Senator Patrick Leahy said in a press release on Friday.

Mexican Authorities Close Shelter for Migrants at US Border — Reports

Earlier that day, Trump told reporters there will be no border security…

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