Sadiq Khan’s EU Flag on the London Eye Was an Absolute Unpatriotic Disgrace

He should have cut out the middleman and just had an image of himself on the London Eye sticking two fingers up to the British public. It would have been his biggest selfie ever and would have clearly illustrated his utter contempt for the democratic will of the people.

His whole firework display was one big ego extravaganza of virtue signalling and an affront to democracy. It was another blatant example of how Remainers feel they can spend our money on EU propaganda, without a thought to us the people, do you remember the £9 million Cameron spent on his pro-EU leaflets just before the referendum!

So Sadiq’s Khan’s firework display will clearly set the tone for another year in the UK. Where the Establishment Elite will do as they wish and ignore us, the masses.

Sadiq Khan Slammed for Pro-EU ‘Message of Support’ During Firework Display

New Year started with a new terror attack where the Jihadist nutjob was detained under the mental Health Act despite the fact that he shouted “Allah Akbar and Long Live the caliphate as he tried to stab to death innocent people in Manchester. 

So, is he mental or a terrorist or both? 

We still haven’t been told his name but no doubt we are seconds away from Theresa the Appeaser telling us not to look back in anger and to light a candle as we all join in a quick rendition of Kumbaya.

Meanwhile, there are “dark skies over the white cliffs of Dover” as illegal immigrants seem to be able to land…

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