Former IDF Intel Chief Wanted to Assassinate Syrian President Assad – Report

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However, Aviv Kochavi’s proposal was reportedly rejected by the Israeli military, which preferred to concentrate on curbing Tehran’s alleged entrenchment in the country as well as the transfer of advanced weaponry to the Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah.

Major General Aviv Kochavi, incoming Chief of Staff for the israel Defence Forces (IDF), once planned to have Syrian President Bashar Assad killed for his support for Hezbollah, according to the UK-based Saudi newspaper Elaph as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Elaph quoted an unnamed senior Israeli official as saying that when serving as the IFD’s Director of Military Intelligence, Kovachi was in favour of toppling Assad, even if it meant resorting to assassination.

Netanyahu: Assad ‘No Longer Immune’, Israel to Destroy Syrian Forces if Attacked

Whereas Kochavi backed the idea of ousting the Assad regime, which “would bring calamities to israel from Iran and Hezbollah”, Mossad head Yossi Cohen “wanted an address in Syria”, according to the official.

The Jewish state moved to focus on preventing what it sees as Tehran’s entrenchment in the country by targeting Iranian and Hezbollah assets, “while making sure [Israel] inflicts minimal damage to the Damascus regime”, the official pointed out.

Israel has been conducting airstrikes on Syrian territory, claiming to be attacking Iranian military objects and convoys with weaponry. Tel Aviv…

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