China Expects Number of New Generation Weaponry to Arrive in 2019 – Report

Beijing has set its sighte on obtaining new generation weaponry in almost all military spheres, pouring billions into research and the production of new models of battleships, missiles, jets, and submarines. Many of them are arriving for tests or will even be commissioned in the coming year.

Naval Power

The People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Navy is one of the points of major interest in innovations for China, partially due to the ongoing tensions with the US over disputed islands in the South China Sea. The latest Type 001A carrier, which will reportedly be commissioned in 2019, is one of the most recent additions to China’s fleet.

Being the first fully domestically built carrier, it is still based on its predecessor Liaoning — a reshaped Russian Kuznetsov-class ship. Type 001A received improved radar system and a redesigned hangar, capable of carrying up to 32 J-15 fighters.

Another upcoming major addition to the Chinese navy is a Type 055 destroyer, which have been tested in trials since August 2018. Armed with guided missiles, this 12,000 tonne destroyer is believed to be one of the fiercest in the world. Right now 3 such ships have already been built with 4 more on the way.

 China Reportedly Starts Building ‘New-Generation’ Aircraft Carrier

China’s underwater fleet is also expecting the arrival of a long anticipated Type 095 submarine. According to reports, this vessel was cleared of its predecessor, Type 093B’s malfunction, which was…

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