Russian Embassy Slams UK Over Warship’s Ukraine Visit ‘Sending Message’ to Putin


The deployment of a hydrographic survey ship, the HMS Echo, which docked in Odessa on 19 December, to Ukraine was announced by UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson last month.

The Russian Embassy in London has blasted UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson’s trip to Ukraine, stating that he is “instigating” Kiev to new provocations.

“Having failed to effectively neutralise drones over Gatwick Airport, Williamson seems to be engaged in a more important matter – instigating Ukraine to new military provocations. Russia has indeed accepted the signal: it implies that the British conservative government will provide the Kiev regime with political and military support no matter how irresponsible its steps are. This is how London tries to ‘assist’ in the settlement of the internal Ukrainian conflict”, the embassy’s statement read.

The embassy also noted that Williamson’s trip to the Ukrainian city of Odessa is especially significant “in the conditions of preparing military action on 24-25 December by the regime of [Ukraine’s President Petro] Poroshenko in order to extend the martial law he imposed on the eve of the presidential elections next March”.

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