Donald Trump’s Call To Pull Troops From Syria Denounced By Friends, Foes

US is considering a total withdrawal of its forces from the Middle Eastern country, officials.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday delivered a parting snub to one of his biggest congressional critics, as even his Republican allies laid into administration officials for the White House’s surprise announcement that U.S. troops would be withdrawing from Syria because, as the president put it on Twitter, Islamic State forces there had been “defeated.”

“It’s obviously a political decision,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told reporters after going to the White House for a previously scheduled meeting in which he planned to ask Trump about the Syria decision. Instead, while he was waiting, Trump canceled without explanation.

Corker and Trump have perennially feuded over matters of policy and Trump’s habit of dressing down his opponents. Their public sparring came to a head last year, when in advance of pulling out of the Iran deal, Trump launched a Twitter tirade against Corker, jeering him for planning his retirement, prompting the senator to suggest that Trump’s White House had turned into “an adult day care center.”

On Wednesday, Corker was one of several lawmakers to express shock that Trump would “wake up and make this kind of decision” to pull out of Syria “with this little communication, with this little preparation.”

“My understanding is we are beginning to move out right now . . . entirely,” he said.

The president’s tweet prompted an…

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