Moscow Will Take Steps to Boost Security When US Leaves INF Treaty – Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed out that the country’s new weapons significantly increase the potential of Russia’s army and navy, also adding to the balance of forces and global stability.

The strengthening of defence capabilities and protection from external threats remain Russia’s key challenges, according to President Vladimir Putin.

“Strengthening defence capabilities and Russian security, and [building] reliable protection from exterior threats have been and remain our priority, key tasks. I emphasize that our political and governmental leaders, the society, and all the citizens of our country understand perfectly well the exclusive, vital importance of these tasks”, Putin told a Russian Defence Ministry gathering on Tuesday.

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He also touted the country’s new weapon systems, which Putin said “increase manifold” the potential of the Russian army and navy.

“It reliably and unconditionally ensures Russia’s security for the coming decades, strengthening the balance of forces and therefore stability in the world”, Putin underscored.

He expressed hope that the new Russian weapon systems will make those who “got used to militaristic and aggressive rhetoric” think twice.

He also said that Russia will focus on equipping the army with weapons capable of effectively overcoming missile defence, such as the Avangard hypersonic…

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