Israeli Military Fires Warning Shots Along Border With Lebanon – Reports

Middle East

Tensions between Tel Aviv and Beirut have ramped up in recent months, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggesting Thursday that israel could launch a military operation in Lebanon proper to detect and destroy alleged Hezbollah tunnelling activity.

Israeli troops fired warning shots at a Lebanese Army vehicle near the UN-established Blue Line border demarcation area between israel and Lebanon, Lebanese news agency NNA reported on Saturday.

The shots, said to have been fired east of the Lebanese village of Meiss ej Jabal, were fired amid Israel’s ongoing operation to identify Hezbollah tunnels along the border area.

“The soldiers of hostile Israel opened fire into the air after being stationed near the Blue Line in the Qurum al-Sharqi area east of Meiss ej Jabal,” the news agency said. The troops were said to have opened fire over a vehicle belonging to the Lebanese Army which was performing a routine patrol in the border area in conditions of heavy fog.

The Israeli military confirmed Saturday that it had fired shots along the border, but said that the gunfire was directed against suspected “Hezbollah activists.”

“Troops fired towards the suspects in accordance with the standard operating procedures. The three [individuals involved] fled. The work in the area continues as usual,” the military said in a statement cited by Reuters. The military said that the three individuals…

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