Russia Allegedly Sends Sub to Kerch Strait as Tensions With Ukraine Soar (PHOTO)


A Twitter user claims a Russian submarine has been spotted leaving the port city of Sevastopol just days after three Ukrainian warships violated Russia’s maritime border. The Russian Defence Ministry hasn’t commented yet.

A Russia-made naval diesel-electric attack submarine has allegedly been snapped leaving the Russian port city of Sevastopol. The photos of the Kilo-class, dubbed the “Black Hole” by Western experts due to its ability to quickly disappear, were tweeted by user @Capt_Navy.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has not commented on the claims yet.

NATO Foreign Ministers to Discuss INF Treaty, Kerch Strait Incident in Brussels

Daily Star cited US Submarine Veteran Eric Moreno as saying that the submarine could be heading to the Kerch Strait – which separates the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov where three Ukrainian Navy ships crossed Russia’s maritime border in violation of international law.

On Thursday, CNN reported that the US military had asked the Department of State to notify the Turkish government of its intent to sail a warship in the Black Sea.

The notification will give the US Navy an option to enter the area, but it is not an indication that such an action will be taken, three government sources told CNN.

“The US can’t send submarines in there because the water is too shallow for nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs). A diesel submarine would have to be the one to sneak up there so only NATO countries…

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