Daesh Member on Trial for Plotting to Kidnap Diplomats’ Kids in Sweden – Reports


A series of arrests in Lebanon has unveiled a low-profile Daesh* arm operating in Sweden, where terrorist attacks remain the biggest threat due to thousands of Islamist extremists permeating the country, according to official estimations.

A military court in Lebanon has accused a 20-year-old Swedish citizen of Arab origin of preparing terrorist acts on behalf of Daesh. According to the Lebanese intelligence services, the man was part of the group that plotted to kidnap children of diplomats together with fellow Daesh supporters in Sweden, the daily newspaper Expressen reported.

The Swedish citizen was detained earlier this year in the Palestinian refugee camp Nahr al-Bared in northern Lebanon. After interrogations with three Lebanese intelligence services, the man, residing in the town of Bromma west of Stockholm, was subsequently accused of having sworn allegiance to Daesh and identified as possessing valuable information about the terrorist group’s activities in Europe, Expressen reported.

According to the Lebanese intelligence service, the man, who was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in the Palestinian refugee camp al-Yarmouk south of Damascus, spent a month in the Lebanese camp, supposedly to meet his relatives. Inside the camp, though, he contacted a local Daesh leader, whom he had known since 2013 and who was also arrested in Lebanon. During interrogation, the 20-year-old admitted having…

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