Slovakia Expels Russian Diplomat Allegedly Engaged in Espionage – Reports


This is not the first time European states have accused Russia of espionage. Earlier, the Austrian government announced on 9 November that they had launched an investigation into a 70-year-old retired colonel, suspected of working for Russian intelligence since the 1990s. Moscow has denied the allegations, calling them baseless.

Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini announced on 5 December that the country expelled a Russian diplomat over information received from the country’s military intelligence service that the envoy was engaged in espionage, the Slovak media outlet Dennik reported.

“We expelled him on 22 November and he left Slovakia within 48 hours”, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said.

The prime minister added that the diplomat, who was working in the military attache department of the Russian Embassy, had spied against the “interests of the Slovak Republic and NATO”. Pellegrini said that the expulsion went smoothly and in accordance with diplomatic norms.

The Slovak Embassy in Moscow refused to comment on reports about the Russian diplomat’s expulsion from the country and advised to address the Foreign Ministry with regard to the issue. The ministry’s spokesman also declined to comment on the incident.

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