Israeli, Saudi Agents Hit in Strikes on Terrorists – Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Middle East

Earlier, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence accused “hostile” Arab countries in the Middle East of supporting terrorism and sabotage inside Iran.

Israeli and Saudi agents were among terrorists believed to have been killed during a recent Iranian missile strike, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh has said, Iran’s Ahlul Bayt News Agency reports.

According to the general, the Revolutionary Guard targeted a terrorist meeting with a precision missile strike, killing militants as well as Israeli and Saudi representatives said to have been present. 

“In another operation targeting the fortress of the ‘democratic terrorists’, we targeted two meeting rooms where representatives of the Saudi and Zionist regimes were also present and engaged in discussion,” Hajizadeh said during a speech in northern Iran on Wednesday.

Hajizadeh accused Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel of attempting to foment unrest in the Islamic Republic, and suggested that these countries want Iran to suffer a Syrian-like crisis.

Citing a separatist precision airstrikes on suspected Daesh (ISIS)* terrorist targets, the senior officer said that “both these examples show our forces’ intelligence capabilities and military might.”

Hajizadeh did not specify which recent Iranian strike killed the suspected Israeli and Saudi agents. Iran carried out multiple operations in Syria…

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