European MP Lashes Out at Merkel, Blaming Her for EU ‘Collapse’


The German Chancellor addressed the European Parliament with a speech on the bloc’s future and called for unity and the need to look for compromises. This call was met with a mixed response among the legislators amid the growing number of unresolved conflicts over migration control, the Eurozone and a proposed European military force.

French MEP Bernard Monot accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of ruining the bloc by ushering in 4 million migrants from Africa and the Middle East during her visit to the plenary session. He warned that the “worst times” are yet to come, when 10 million so-called economic migrants flee to Europe.

“Your 13 years of staying in power has led the European Union to an economic, social and cultural collapse. What will go down in history as a result of your policies is your compulsive and unilateral decision to open Germany for the migrants, helpfully supported by Mr. [Jean-Claude] Juncker (Head of the European Commission). Since 2015, the European Union has accepted a total of four million young migrants on the ground of the so-called right to a refuge,” said the member of Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, a populist group in the legislature.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech before the Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on November 13. In her address, she touched upon several pressing issues, including the creation of a European army, closer…

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