Trump Launches Massive Twitter Crusade Against Macron Amid EU Army Row


The fresh tweets came just a few days after US President Donald Trump dismissed his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron’s idea of building a “true European army” as “insulting” and insisted that European states should first pay their fair share for NATO.

After returning from the Remembrance Day commemoration in Paris, where Donald Trump held a bilateral meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the US President launched into a Twitter tirade against his French counterpart, criticising his idea to build an EU army to protect the continent “with respect to China, Russia and even the United States”:

In an hour, Trump tweeted out three new messages, blasting france for what he described as unfair tariffs in trade with the US:

He also suggested that the problem was in the fact that “Emmanuel suffers from a very low Approval Rating” in france and seemingly alluded to Macron’s speech, in which he had denounced “nationalist” trends in politics, calling them contrary to “patriotism”, less than a month after Trump called himself a “nationalist” at a rally in Houston:

Macron’s office refused to comment on the tweets, stating that the French president’s position on EU army and defence was very clear: “France is not about to make a choice between a European defence system and multilateral approaches.”

In the meantime, a key advisor to Macron emphasised that the fact that President Trump remembered European history is a…

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