Hamas Threatens to Fire Rockets at Israeli Towns if IDF Strikes on Gaza Continue

Middle East

Israeli Defense Forces have released footage of an Israeli Air Force strike on what the IDF reports was Hamas’ military intelligence headquarters.

Hamas militant group has threatened to fire rockets at the Israeli towns of Beersheba, Ashdod if the IDF airstrikes on Gaza continue.

Earlier in the day, the IDF reported making an airstrike on “Hamas’ military intelligence headquarters” after more than 300 rockets were launched at Israeli territory earlier from the Gaza Strip. Israeli Defense Forces said that the target was the place “where Hamas’ intelligence operatives gathered information to launch attacks on Israelis”.

“Since Gaza terror organizations began their widespread attack on Israeli civilians: approx. 370 rockets were launched from #Gaza at #Israel. Approx. 100 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome aerial defence system,” the IDF wrote on Twitter.

The Israeli servicemen have hit about 150 targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the Palestinians’ attacks, including militants’ bases, armouries, underground tunnels, three governmental buildings used by the Hamas movement for military purposes and a vessel belonging to the Palestinian militants’ naval units.

“In response to the 100s of rockets indiscriminately fired from #Gaza at #Israel, our fighter jets have been striking Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror targets throughout Gaza. Hamas will bear the consequences of its…

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