Israel Allegedly Trains to Destroy Russian Air Defence Systems (PHOTOS)

Osa and Kvadrat surface-to-air missile systems were supplied to Syria by the Soviet Union, and are known by the NATO codenames SA-8 and SA-6, respectively.

Photos, believed to be taken in the Negev desert and unearthed on Twitter, show inflatable dummies of Soviet-designed Osa and Kub/Kvadrat surface-to-air missile systems, which the Israeli Air Force is allegedly using during training.

The IDF hasn’t commented on the claims yet, and the photos have yet to be verified.

Russian S-300 Delivered to Syria

The report comes just days after Israel’s Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Minister of Environmental Protection Ze’ev Elkin said that Russia’s deliveries of S-300 air defence systems were “a big mistake” and that Tel Aviv would attack them if they are used against Israeli jets.

“By shipping these kinds of weapons to Syrians, Russia bears partial responsibility for their use. Usually, israel reacts to attacks on its territory and its aircrafts not through international demarches, but with practical actions. Actions would undoubtedly take place, should [an attack] occur, against the launchers used to attack Israeli territory or Israeli planes,” he said.

In early October, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced it had finalised the delivery of 49 units of S-300 air defence systems to Syria in order to boost the security of Russian servicemen.

The decision was made in late September in light of the inadvertent destruction of a…

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