US Navy Creates Aggressor Training Unit to Mimic Russian, Chinese Submarines

The US Navy wants to create a version of the TOPGUN program, but for submarines.

The United States Navy wants to create a special unit that will mimic Russian and Chinese submarines to train their own submarine crews.

“We’re taking a page from naval aviation and we’re establishing an aggressor squadron with a team that will become experts in employing our adversaries’ potential capabilities and then set them up to be able to go head-to-head with our units so that we’re always training against what we think is the highest fidelity simulation I can give them in terms of what they might be able to expect when they go into combat,” US Navy Vice Admiral Charles Richards said, according to The Drive.

This is “a cadre that does nothing but emulate red in all of our training and certification exercises,” he added.

According to Richards, this would be a lot like Air Force’s TOPGUN advanced training program, but for submarines. In TOPGUN, pilots who undergo advanced training return to their unit to become instructors themselves.

“We have restructured and returned the fast attack training period to ensure that we’re ready for that high-end fight, including restructuring what we used to call the Tactical Readiness Evaluation, and it is now a Combat Readiness Evaluation to ensure we’re focused on warfighting,” Richards commented.

“I want to produce winners and losers just like we do in battle; it does you no good to be at standards if your opponent is…

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