Italy Examining Claims US Warship Ignored Distress Calls from Migrants in Dinghy


Prosecutors for the Italian government are looking into claims that a US Navy warship was in the vicinity of a capsizing dinghy and ignored distress calls until after the vessel sunk, according to a new report.

Shipwreck survivors in Sicily say that when their dinghy was lost to the seas during a June 12 tragedy, the USNS Trenton was nearby and declined to seize the opportunity to rescue more of the people on the ship. The US ship ultimately rescued 42 people from the dinghy, the Guardian reported Friday, but some of the survivors say that the US vessel could have helped avoid the loss of 76 lives in the incident.

Some 117 migrants were aboard the dinghy after it left from Libya to make its way to Italy, the report said. Shortly before seeing the Trenton, the migrants noticed that their vessel was taking on water faster than it could be dumped back into the sea. “The sea was rough, and our boat began to fill with water, and suddenly we saw a ship; it was an American ship,” a survivor said, as quoted by the Guardian.

“We saw the American flag. If they had rescued us when we were all still onboard, 76 people would not have died,” another survivor said. “We saw the American flag, and we tried to reach them, but as we approached, they seemed to avoid us and changed directions,” said another survivor.

The survivors conducted video interviews with Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Those materials are now…

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