Le Pen Faults Macron for ‘Empire’ Ambitions as He Calls for Single European Army


Earlier this week, Emmanuel Macron voiced plans to build a single European army to boost the EU’s defence capability as well as military independence from the United States. The European Commission has backed his push, while critics argue that it could have an adverse effect on European security.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the political party National Rally (former National Front), has accused French President Emmanuel Macron of seeking to build a “new empire” after he called for the creation of a “real European army” and warned of the rise of nationalism on the continent.

“If there is anyone today who is carrying the conflict, it is Emmanuel Macron,” Le Pen told France’s Radio Classique, as quoted by Le Figaro daily. She added that the French President “continues to surf on fears of a new war, which is quite hypothetical.”

According to Le Pen, a vocal critic of European institutions, Macron was the “defender of this new empire that is the European Union, and that crushes citizens living under its rule.”

Her comments came after Macron said in a radio interview on Monday that the EU nations should create a “real European army” to protect themselves, mentioning China, Russia and the US as potential enemies. He maintained that the European Union was endangered by Washington’s decision to pull out of the INF Treaty, a 30-year-old agreement with Russia that banned ground-based intermediate-range…

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