Hungary May Be Unable to Stop Possible Migration Attack on Its Border – Official


The Hungarian government has repeatedly opposed the EU migration policy, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressing earlier this year that Budapest would not change its stance on illegal migration and would stand up to Brussels if necessary.

The Hungarian border is protected from refugees, but nothing can be guaranteed in case of a massive migrant assault on the area, Janos Hajdu, Director-General of the Hungarian Counter Terrorism Center, told a press conference in Moscow.

“Both police and army units are deployed in Hungary’s southern border which is equipped with fences and alarm systems. Although we are ready for any situation, I cannot say now whether we will be able to stop a large crowd [of migrants] attacking the border,” Hajdu said, adding that such a scenario will unlikely take place. 

Hungary Sets Military Base on Border to Stop Illegal Migrants — Minister

He also said that the Hungarian special services have seen media reports about large number of refugees in Bosnia, who are allegedly preparing to “break through” to the European Union, but that they can neither confirm nor deny it.

Additionally, Hajdu praised the government’s security steps to protect the country’s border which he said helped Budapest to keep terrorists from entering Hungary. 

“The terrorists used a wave of migration in order to get to Europe and commit terrorist acts there. We have reliable information that between 2015 and 2016, terrorists…

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