EU Lawmakers Urge Merkel to Abandon ‘Germany First’ Approach to Nord Stream 2


The joint Russian-Western European energy project, which will have the capacity to bring an additional 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) of Russian natural gas to Western Europe per year via two pipelines running through the Baltic Sea, is well underway, with over 200 kilometers of the pipeline already laid.

About 100 European Parliament lawmakers representing a diverse collection of views including environmentalists, center-rightists, liberal democrats and socialists have penned German Chancellor Angela Merkel an open letter urging her to abandon the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

“We ask you, Madam Chancellor, that your government reconsiders and changes its policy on Nord Stream 2,” the letter, which was also signed by another 20 politicians from various EU member states, says.

Accusing Berlin’s position of contradicting the goals of the European Energy Community and ignoring the interests of Germany’s partners, the letter claims that Berlin’s stance effectively “gives Russia additional strategic levers of influence, because it [Nord Stream 2] increases the EU’s energy dependence on Russia.”

Telling Merkel to “let Russia’s President know that Germany will stand by its EU partners,” the letter urges her to “choose the European way, not the ‘Germany first’ way.” The letter goes on to criticize the German government for “ignoring the security concerns that the countries around the Baltic, NATO and the United…

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