Egypt May Soon Ban Niqabs From Public Places – Reports


The debate over a full-face veil ban has ongoing in Egypt for some time already, ever since the Egyptian government took strong, decisive action against political Islam in the wake of the ouster of Islamist President Muhammad Morsi back in 2013.

Egyptian lawmaker Ghada Ajami told Egyptian Streets in a phone interview on Sunday that she had introduced to the country’s parliament a bill that would ban the face veil in public places, citing her concerns over a high percentage of crimes being committed in niqabs.

In the event of non-abidance, the bill stipulates 1,000 EGP ($55) in fines being slapped on women who continue to wear the niqab in public places like restaurants, parks or social and educational institutions. Repeated offenses will carry even higher fines, if the bill becomes law. 

Ajami, who is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives, told the Egyptian media outlet that she is going to officially present her draft to the parliament, with an open discussion of it slated for November 11.

“Security troubles in Egypt are accelerating these bold decisions in light of attempts to target state institutions and increasing criminal and terrorist crime rates,” she was earlier cited as saying by Cairo Scene.

By submitting the bill she essentially means to call attention to arrays of men who use women’s veils to commit crimes, including horrendous terrorist acts, in public spots.


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