Migrant Caravan: Pentagon Refuses Trump Order to Deploy US Troops to Border

The Pentagon rejected a request from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to deploy troops that would act as ‘emergency law enforcement’ to the Mexico/US border as a means to stop entry into America of the so-called migrant caravan.

The Trump administration, through the DHS, requested that the Department of Defense (DoD) deploy American soldiers to the nation’s southern border, in what the Pentagon considered to be duties that should be handled instead by state or local law enforcement, according to CNN.

The Pentagon refused Trump’s request.

The DHS had been tasked by the Trump White House with requesting US Army reserve forces to serve as “crowd and traffic control” for Customs and Border Protection (CMP) personnel at the Mexican border, in the event that a group of asylum-seeking Central American migrants — referred to as a ‘migrant caravan’ — approached the US border.

Although the Pentagon rejected the request, the DoD did agree to provide air surveillance and logistical support to the CPB, as well as medical personnel and engineers, according to CNN.

The DHS demand for troops equipped with live-fire weapons was rejected by the DoD, however, as the Pentagon noted that active-duty soldiers did not have the authority to conduct a mission of that nature without first receiving additional stipulations from the president.

“While DHS has discussed the need for potential assistance with force protection of CBP personnel,…

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