Illegal Immigrants Who Throw Rocks at Military Will Be Arrested – Trump


Earlier, the US president had promised to keep all illegal immigrants in the caravan coming from Central America housed in tent cities until their asylum applications are reviewed.

US President Donald Trump has said on November 2 that illegal migrants throwing rocks at the US military will be arrested, but added that soldiers will not fire back. He earlier suggested that the US military has the right to open fire at migrants if they are attacked. The US president has also noted that all of his actions with regard to asylum policy are in compliance with existing laws.

The Pentagon announced on October 29 that it had sent over 5,200 troops to the southern US border in order to help border guards cope with the incoming migrant caravan moving from Central America through Mexico towards the US. Trump said later that the US could send as much as 15,000 troops to the area.

A Lot of Progress Has Been Made: Trump Expects ‘Very Good’ Trade Deal With China

Trump has also predicted that Washington and Beijing will be able to reach a new “very good” trade deal and said that a lot of progress has already been made in that regard. He also confirmed a willingness to “open up China and make it fair” in terms of trade with the US and said the trade deal will be discussed during his dinner with Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit.

“We are getting much closer to doing something. I think a very good deal will be made…

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