First Female US Marine Ever Completes Key Special Ops Test

Last month, Sgt. Bailey Weis became the first woman to survive Phase Two of a competitive selection process for Marine special operators.

According to a Sunday report by, Weis completed Phase Two of Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command’s Assessment and Selection course, a secretive, arduous program that tests candidates’ mental and physical abilities to become part of the Marine Raider Regiment, a special operations force of the US Marine Corps. 

Weis, an aviation maintenance controller with Marine Attack Squadron 542, succeeded through both phases of the selection process on her first try, but was “was not selected to continue on to the Individual Training Course,” according to MARSOC spokesperson Maj. Nick Mannweiler, reported Sunday. Since then, she has decided to leave the Corps to pursue other ambitions.

“Just being a female… I knew I had my weaknesses, like my upper-body and other forms of strength,” Weis recently told “So I started training about seven or eight months before I went to that course.”

“It feels good to be the first one, because that way other females know it’s possible to do something like this. If that makes them want to do it more or have more confidence, then I think it’s going to break a good barrier — especially for special operations,” she added.

Although four other female Marines have tried to enter the program, only one woman made it through first phase of the…

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