Edward Snowden to Address Israeli Tech Conference in November

The world-famous whistleblower will remotely attend an event in israel via broadcast from Russia to comment on a variety of Israel-related issues.

Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower who leaked classified information on numerous US secret surveillance programs back in 2013, will speak at an event organized by Tel-Aviv-based strategic, corporate, tech and financial communications firm OH! Orenstein Hoshen on November 6.

Snowden is expected to speak on a number of Israel-related issues and have a question and answer session with the audience. Ram Ben-Barak, the former deputy chief of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, will reportedly respond to Snowden’s remarks, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“Our firm is engaged in advising clients… in the realm of economics, law, technology and high-tech — and these are exactly the fields in which Snowden is involved. Snowden is a fascinating figure because his actions are so controversial…. The audience will hear what he has to say, can ask tough questions and people can work out their own opinions,” Hedan Orenstein and Itamar Hoshen of OH! announced.

“Snowden’s actions have aroused intense arguments on the matter of whether the NSA’s ultra-advanced surveillance programs are an illegal invasion of the privacy of tens of millions of US citizens, in contravention of the US Constitution, or a legitimate tool in the struggle against terror and homeland security. As we are currently concerned…

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