India, Japan Resume Submarine-Hunting Drill After Five Years

Asia & Pacific

The current policy of the Indian government dictates that the Indian Navy may not enter into any kind of a collaborative operation or joint patrolling of the South China Sea with the Japanese naval force. However, the two navies intend to augment the maritime capacity of countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

India and Japan have resumed the bilateral maritime exercise JIMEX-18 in Indian waters after a hiatus of five years. The eight-day-long JIMEX-18 will include anti-submarine warfare exercises, VBSS (visit, board, search and seizure) drills, gun firings, cross deck Helo operations and coordinated operations in anti-submarine/ anti-air threat scenarios. The last JIMEX exercises was conducted in Dec 2013 near the Indian city of Chennai.

“The conduct of JIMEX-18 after five years is indicative of an upswing in Indo-Japanese defense relations and the continued efforts of both the governments to work closely to enhance the safety and security of the global commons in keeping with ‘rule-based order’,” a statement issued by the Indian Navy reads.

The Indian Navy will be represented by a destroyer, multipurpose stealth frigate, anti-submarine warfare corvette, a missile corvette along with one submarine, P8I long-range maritime patrol aircraft and a number of integral helicopters. JIMEX-18 is aimed to enhancing interoperability, improving understanding between the Indian and Japanese naval forces and…

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