Crime Joins Immigration as Top Issue Brits Lose Sleep Over


Brexit is still number one when it comes to main concerns of the British public, according to a new poll, but concern over crime has doubled over the course of 2018.

Surge in crime in the UK, and especially in London, has Brits worried sick, as revealed by a new YouGov survey. Even defense and security don’t worry the public as much, as the surging levels of lawlessness. Crime now ranks higher than housing, education, defense, and welfare as a top concern.

Numerous cases of knife attacks, incidents of gang violence and drug-related violence have triggered great uneasiness in the British public.

Statistical data has revealed a continued rise in the number of offences involving knives or sharp instruments, with police recording 16% more offences in 2018 compared with last year

In the government’s battle with surging crime levels in the country £22 million has been recently pledged for the implementation of its Serious Violence Strategy. The policy aims to tackle county lines and misuse of drugs and enforce early intervention and prevention of crime.

Britain Doubles the Millions to Spend on Fight Against Soaring Violence & Crime

For Londoners the concern is more prevalent, with combined data from August and September showing that 30% of people living in London view crime as one of the most important issues facing the country compared to 22% living elsewhere.

London’s Mayor Forced to Foot the Bill to Beat Crime Surge…

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