Russia Trying to Mediate Between Iran & Israel as Syria Tensions Simmer – Report

Middle East

Tensions between Tehran and Tel Aviv took a turn for the worse this week, with israel vowing to continue its attacks against the alleged Iranian presence in Syria. Meanwhile, a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander has warned that israel would be destroyed by Hezbollah and its government would be forced to “flee into the sea.”

Russia made an effort to open channels of communication between Israel and Iran in a bid to reduce tensions, the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat has reported, citing a senior Russian source.

Moscow’s efforts, said to have been made in the wake of the delivery of its S-300 missile systems to Syria, were described as an attempt to “reduce tensions and prevent friction” between Tehran and Tel Aviv over conflicting interests in the Arab Republic.

Russian, Iranian and Israeli officials have made no official comment regarding the authenticity of the report.

This week, Washington urged Tehran to make use of the Russia-US deconfliction hotline to warn the US of any air or missile strikes in Syria following Iran’s Monday attack against Daesh (ISIS)* forces just a few kilometers from a US military base, which came without prior warning.

Iranian-Israeli tensions reached a boiling point in recent months over the conflict in Syria. Last month, a senior Israeli military official admitted that Israel had struck over 200 targets in the war-torn country…

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