Danish Politicians Find Plan to Attack “Russian Hackers” ‘Hardly Beneficial’


Denmark has been acting like “teacher’s pet” for too long, and this has to change, says the new chairman of the parliamentary defense committee who proposed attacking Denmark’s enemies in cyberspace.

Denmark should update its cyber strategy and switch from a passive defense of its networks to an offensive against hackers from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, Naser Khader, the Conservative chairman of the parliamentary defense committee urged.

“We shall hack those who are hacking us. We actually know who they are,” Naser Khader told Danish Radio, proposing to start with the hacker group Fancy Bear, whom he blamed for meddling in the US election with the support of the Russian military intelligence service.

Khader rejected the idea that this would constitute an attack on a sovereign state, as the authorities tend to distance themselves from the hackers’ activities. He added that Denmark cannot just step back and tolerate whatever cyberattacks may come.

“Officially, it will be a private group we shall attack. It would be a way to defend ourselves. And sometimes offense is the best defense,” Khader explained the strategy, which Danish Radio described as “giving Putin a taste of his own medicine.”

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