Netanyahu: ‘Ridiculous’ to Suggest Israel Linked to Ahvaz Attack in Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied any connection between his country and the attack in southern Iran that killed at least 24 people in late September.

Netanyahu released an official statement after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps launched six surface-to-surface ballistic missiles at what it called terrorist groups in Syria that suspected of being behind the attack on a military parade in Ahvaz, the Times of israel reported.

 Ballistic Revenge: WATCH Iran Wipe Out Terrorist Ringleaders in Syria

“Iran’s attempt to tie israel to the terrorist attack in southern Iran is ridiculous,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

He also reacted to a video released by a BBC reporter in Iran showing Iranian missiles with the slogans “Down with USA,” “Down with Israel” and “Down with the house of Saud” written on them. The missiles were supposedly the ones launched Monday into Syria.

The video, which was said to be created by Iran’s IRIB news agency, also features an Iranian reporter saying: “In a few minutes, the world of arrogance — especially America, the Zionist regime and the Al Saud — will hear the sound of Iran’s repeated blows.”

“The fact that ‘Death to Israel’ was written on the missiles launched at Syria proves everything,” Netanyahu’s statement noted. This is not the first time the Israeli prime minister has scolded the Iranian regime. Last week during the UN General Assembly session,…

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