‘How Many People Did I kill? I Couldn’t Tell You’ – Ex Liverpool Goalkeeper


The most decorated goalkeeper in Liverpool FC’s century-long history, Bruce Grobbelaar, has shared what helped him survive the murder atrocities he went through as a teenage boy while in South Africa, and even asserted there is something even “worse than war.”

Despite the uplifting results in as many as 13 major football tournaments, in which he grabbed trophies, former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar has shared quite a few hair-raising memories from his youth and later years in an interview with The Guardian’s Donald McRae.

As a teenager he was conscripted into the Rhodesian army in 1975 and thereafter fully engaged in the Rhodesian Bush War. Haunting memories cast a dark shadow over his face as he recollected the nauseating moment as his fellow white soldiers desecrated the bodies of black fighters by cutting ears off their dead bodies and then putting them in a jar, or rather multiple jars. Despite being white and fighting for a white minority, he is still specially honored by black sporting fans and is often referred to as “Jungleman” and “black in a white man’s skin.”

The 60 year-old moved on to describe his first killing, saying it “was at dusk,” when the sun set, with shadows hovering over the ambush, against the backdrop of which “the whites of their eyes” caught the eye.

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