Laughed at in UN, Punched in SM: German Minister Slams Trump’s ‘America First’


Amid tensions between Washington and Berlin over a number of matters, ranging from the tariff dispute to NATO spending and Germany’s persistence in supporting Nord Stream 2, the country’s chief diplomat has lashed at the US president on social media following Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas took to Twitter to brand Donald Trump’s “America First” approach the “wrong” path to solving international problems.

“America first” is the wrong answer to the problems of our time, and also the wrong answer for America. Globalization, digitalization and climate change know no borders. We can eliminate these challenges only together with international efforts,” he tweeted.

​This publication followed Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly, where he took one more chance to target German leadership for pursuing the Russian-European Nord Stream 2 project to construct a gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. He claimed that Berlin would be taken hostage by Moscow in this case.

Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course,” Trump said.

As Trump was dismantling Berlin’s “grim” fate, the German delegation, headed by Heiko Maas, was spotted chuckling, “snickering” and “laughing” as some reporters noted.

However, his weren’t the only laughs Trump got during his address. The audience…

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