Mr. Kurd & Saudi King Solomon: Trump’s Solo News Conference Gets Extra Weird


US President Donald Trump’s Wednesday news conference took the Twitterverse by storm as users grappled with some of the president’s most bizarre utterances to date.

The news conference was a rarity — just the fifth one he’s done all by himself since he was elected some 20 months ago to the position of commander-in-chief.

When Trump goes off script, it isn’t exactly uncommon for his critics to point out his incoherent sentences and poor word choices, but Trump’s Wednesday post-United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) conference will certainly be one for the books, not just for the word salads served fresh to the press corps but also for some odd phraseologies and mispronunciations.

Trump was asked by a reporter from the Kurdish outlet Rudaw about the United States’ plan for future cooperation with the Kurdish fighters and people in Syria in the post-Daesh era. The president repeatedly hailed the Kurds as “great fighters,” but never actually addressed the question. When another Kurdish reporter — a journalist with Kurdistan TV — was offered the opportunity to ask a question, Trump called him “Mr. Kurd.”

It was immediately written in stone that “Mr. Kurd” would trend for the foreseeable future on social media. At press time, nearly 20,000 tweets have been sent about “Mr. Kurd.”

New York Times reporter Michael Grynbaum caught up with “Mr. Kurd,” who also goes by the name of Rahim Rashidi….

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