Face of Defense: Airman Crafts Art Out of Fruit

Leaning over a table with a sanding mask on, Air Force Capt. Ramon Rosario, the executive officer for the 4th Space Operations Squadron here, smooths the edges of a coaster with a cornucopia of fruit laid out in front of him like a Thanksgiving dinner.

“Strawberries are the hardest to dry the way you want them,” Rosario said through his mask, eyes fixed on the coaster. “They retain too much moisture and are hard to shape the right way.”

One may ask what strawberries and coasters have in common. For Rosario, the question is: What more can he do with both to make art?

At home, Rosario finds time to engage in his passion — using dried fruits as artistic centerpieces for his own creations, whose creations span from coasters and earrings to necklaces, tie pins and lampshades.

‘I Enjoy Everything About the Process’

“I enjoy everything about the process,” he said. “From the idea to the final result.”

Rosario, a self-described chef, said he loves to experiment in the kitchen.

“One day, I was candying oranges,” he recalled. “And when I finished, I thought the oranges looked absolutely stunning in contrast to the bright white color of the serving plate. It was then I thought ‘I could do something with this.’”

Rosario soon graduated from small citrus fruits to larger, more…

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