‘Are We in For a Nightmare?’ – Israeli Media on S-300 Deliveries to Syria

In light of the downing of the Russian Il-20 plane in Syria last week, the Russian Defense Ministry stated Monday that Moscow would deliver advanced S-300 air defense missile systems to the Syrian army within two weeks in order to increase the security of Russian servicemen stationed in the country.

A number of Israeli media outlets have expressed concerns over Moscow’s decision to supply Syria with S-300 air defense systems and admitted that such steps may have grave repercussions for the Israeli Air Force.

Israel Might Turn to US For Weapons as Syria Gets Russian S-300 — Expert

Reacting to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s announcement, Channel 9 wondered if israel was “in for a nightmare” once the S-300 missile systems were delivered, while The Jerusalem Post emphasized that the advanced systems would become a major boost to the Syrian air defenses and would pose a threat to Israeli aircraft as the long-range anti-missile system has the capability of tracking jets and ballistic missiles over a range of 300 kilometers.

The Jerusalem Post further suggested that currently, Syrian air defenses are largely outdated Soviet-era systems as well as more sophisticated tactical systems. The author of the article, however, stressed that Moscow has already provided Damascus with a short range air defense system, Pantsir S-1.

Addressing Shoigu’s statement, Haaretz published an analysis, headlined “With Russia’s S-300 in Syria, israel Will…

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