U.S., Afghan Health Professionals Work to Improve Medical Care

When he was a Marine Corps rifleman, Travis Fitzpatrick said he felt a sense of comfort when he went in harm’s way because he trusted the skills of his medical team to help out if anything went wrong.

Now a nurse anesthetist and a Navy lieutenant commander with NATO Role III Multinational Medical Unit, Fitzpatrick is able to help Afghan infantry soldiers feel that sense of comfort for their medical team at the Kandahar Regional Military Hospital.

The Kandahar Regional Military Hospital, which is located in Kandahar province, is ran by Afghan military and civilian medical professionals. The hospital provides medical care for Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and civilians.

Fitzpatrick and other medical officers from the Role III conduct routine medical training and case studies with the medical staff assigned to KRMH.

Training, Learning Together

“Some of the physicians at KRMH have very extensive training, they have very highly trained and professional individuals at that hospital,” said Fitzpatrick, who hails from Lincoln, Missouri. “I think by partnering up we can learn from each other to then be able to provide the best care for all patients.”

However, the idea to collaborate and train with the medical staffs of NATO Role III and KRMH isn’t new, according to Navy Capt….

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