The UK’s New Study on Extremism: Key Points


The British government’s new Commission for Countering Extremism has been conducting a study into extremism across England and Wales right after its establishment in 2018.

The organization has issued a document outlining three primary objectives: countering terrorism, countering extremism, and promoting integration; it states, adding that many experts are unclear on the benefits of such categorization. 

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The independent body will approach terrorism and extremism from a holistic understanding and will work alongside current government programs such as Prevent and Counter Extremism (CONTEST) strategies.  

Commissioners will publish finding in Spring 2019 and will update the Home Secretary about recommendations on future collaboration with the body. 

The document centers on five primary themes, which are public understanding of extremism, the scale of extremism, extremists’ tactics and objectives, harms caused by extremism, and the effectiveness of the government’s current response. 

According to CONTEST, extremism is “the vocal or active opposition to our shared values,” including “democracy and the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance of other faiths and beliefs,” the government’s Counter Extreme Strategy states.  

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