Russian Troops Patrol Golan Heights After Incident Involving Downing of IL-20

Middle East

Russian military police have been deployed to de-escalation zones across Syria since late 2016 to help maintain security in the war-torn country amid the ongoing operations by the Syrian military and its allies to clear Syria of a collection of mostly jihadist militants.

Russian troops and personnel from the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria have carried out a patrol of recently liberated settlements in Syria’s Quneitra governorate and the UN-demarked demilitarized border area with the Israeli-held portion of the Golan Heights. The patrol was conducted from the central to the southern portion of the territory, and included visits to the settlements of al-Rafid, Adra and Maariya.

“In this area, we ensured the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the fighting,” patrol deputy commander Lieut. Gen. Sergei Kuralenko said, speaking to reporters. “We are overseeing the observance of the UN resolution on arms limitations along the Bravo Line on the Syrian side. In this way, we are assisting the UN body in monitoring reconciliation.”

Along the way, Russian peacekeepers provided security for repair teams, visited schools, hospitals, permanent Russian military police posts and a center providing amnesty for militants and local residents who collaborated with militants before their territories were freed. 

The patrol also checked the security of the routes along which…

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