Khan is Full of Hot Air

His priority should be to sort out London’s acid attacks, moped muggings, knifings and murder epidemic or are these crimes, along with the threat of terror attacks, part and parcel of living in a major city too?

The London mayor says he did not imagine having to call for a second vote but it needs to happen “for the good of our country”.

‘People Must Get a Final Say’: London Mayor Calls for Another Brexit Vote

There is no two ways about it, Sadiq Khan is a 100 percent failure as London Mayor and 1000 percent a hypocrite to call for a second referendum on Brexit and to want to overrule the democratic wishes of the people of the UK.

Just after the referendum result in July 2016 he said in an interview with LBC radio that “the establishment needs to respect the result, as another referendum would lead to more cynicism amongst voters”. 

Again, he is wrong because if the result is overturned or a second referendum is held it will not lead to cynicism it will actually lead to riots on the street.

Where I do agree with Khan is when he says that he is,” increasingly alarmed as the chaotic approach to the negotiations had become mired in confusion and deadlock”. But what Khan can’t see is that he is part of this confusion and deadlock.

We should be out of the EU by now. It has only dragged on for two years because the establishment elite just don’t want it to happen. 

It has been a pincher movement to derail the democratic…

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