Fashionably Late: Dutch Media “Discovers” Government Supported Syrian Terrorists

On September 10th, two Dutch journalists published a story about the country’s government spending millions of euros on cars and gadgets for Syrian jihadists. Though it shocked many, the topic was actually “old news” – unreported by mainstream press and ignored by politicians for over a year.

If you enter just about any car dealership in the Netherlands, you would mostly see small cars. The eco-friendly Priuses and hybrid Yaris’s are local favorites. Heavy pickup trucks are harder to get hold of, but it’s still possible to find some. 

For two years the Toyota Hilux was “the truck of choice” for government officials, who, according to Dutch journalists, were sending aid to anti-government terrorist groups in Syria. The “non-lethal aid” program was running between 2015 and 2017 and was designed to assist the Free Syrian Army and other groups, who were trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s government. 

In September of 2018, the daily newspaper Trouw and TV program Nieuwsuur ran an investigative story which identified at least six terrorist groups that were receiving Toyota and Isuzu pickup trucks, as well as laptops, satellite phones, backpacks and other gear, paid for by the clueless voters in the Netherlands. One of the groups – the Jabhat al-Shimaya (also known as the “Levant Front”) was listed by the Dutch prosecutors’ office as a Salafist, jihadi organization. Other “moderates” also appear to have been…

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