Face of Defense: Navy Recruiter Shares ‘Formula’ for Success

“Formula One. That’s my thing because I love competition,” said Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jose Sotocora.

Sotocora is an enlisted recruiter working out of the Navy’s recruiting office here. He is among Navy Recruiting District Miami’s top producers.

“There is a lot of teamwork” in Formula One auto racing,” Sotocora said.

“And, it is so much like recruiting,” he added. “The driver and team both want to be successful, which is very similar to recruiters and divisions. Each day, the drivers and teams develop their cars and tech strategy, and must push themselves to be a better and faster team or car. If they don’t continuously develop, they will be surpassed.”

A Puerto Rico native, Sotocora joined the Navy in 2008. He experienced much of what the Navy offers as a fire controlman on board several Navy ships, and has travelled to many countries including England, France, Italy, Dubai, Bahrain and Spain.

Having the ability to see his shipmates operate the Navy in their respective ratings in various parts of the world motivated Sotocora to take on the challenge of becoming a Navy recruiter.

“Adapting to the change of being a fire controlman and being a recruiter and having to learn the craft from scratch was challenging,” Sotocora said. “Getting a grasp on the different approaches you can…

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