‘Victory or Death’: Top Sweden Democrat Stirs Nation With ‘Warlike’ ‘Pep Talk’


The leader of the Swedish nationalist party’s parliamentary group said his nation was “in deep trouble,” fighting for its very existence and the survival of its culture.

Following a successful election, in which his party made considerable gains, Mattias Karlsson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats’ parliamentary group, has stirred a controversy by stating on Facebook that Sweden had only two choices, “victory or death.”

Karlsson noted that Sweden was “in real trouble,” as it has been before in its history. The senior Sweden Democrat went on to laud “the steadfast stubbornness, conviction, self-sacrifice and leadership of a small group of patriots,” which, he claimed, allowed Sweden to withstand all attacks.

“It wasn’t our choice, but our opponents have really forced us into an existential fight for our culture and our nation’s survival. There are only two choices, victory or death. There only one path, and it leads forward,” Karlsson said.

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To add some historic context, Karlsson posted an excerpt from a speech by UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill given in 1940, shortly after the German forces attacked France, as well as an image of the Swedish Carolinian army, which in the 17th-18th centuries enjoyed a reputation of never backing down, even when heavily outnumbered.

Lastly, Karlsson pledged to carry out an analysis of the Sweden Democrats’ (SD) election…

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